Finding Heaven (The Great Emily)

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            Since one hundred ago, the war that happened in the Finstow Village between Fins Group and Nusty Guild. The war called Goldrin War. Finally, the winner of the war was Fins Group, the original villagers of Finstow Village. But, the leader of Nusty Guild could escape from the war after his armies were died. The new era was starting. A lot of their families were lost. One of them was Emily. Emily’s parent was passed away when she was a baby.

            Ten years later, Emily grew to be cheerful girl and helped the other. She lived in the small house with her uncle. The daily activity of Emily was fishing.  Emily had two best friend, they were Peter and Evelyn.

            When Emily was sixteen years old, the leader of Nusty Guild was came back. The Finstow Village was attacked by Nusty Guild. Emily and her friend wanted to save their village from the trouble.  They went to various places to find the solution of it. Emily believed that she was able to save the world as long as her friends were by her side.


            On 15th century after the Goldrin War ended, there was a little girl. Her name was Emily. She was ten years old. Emily lived with her uncle. The job of her uncle was blacksmith. Emily’s parents passed away when she was a baby. But, Emily didn’t know if her parent was passed away because her uncle hid the true tragedy that happened of Emily’s parents. Her uncle had told Emily that her parents were traveling around the world.
            One day, Emily sat on the side of river while she was looking the blue sky and watched the fishes. Suddenly, someone pinched her shoulder.
            “Aw, Evelyn you made me shocked!” said Emily.
            “I’m so sorry, but why you don’t fishing?” asked Evelyn.
            “It’s because, I was thinking about something” said Emily.
            “What is it?” asked Evelyn
            “When I went to the uncle room, I found a short message in the album” said Emily while threw the stone to the river.
            “What was written in it?” asked Evelyn.
            “It was written that protect my daughter, I will come back after the Goldrin War is end” said Emily.
            “So, what do you think about that short message?” asked Evelyn
            “I think, who wrote that short message was my parents!” said Emily.
            “Hmm, I don’t know about the Goldrin War, but I think Peter know about it” said Evelyn.
            “Aha, that’s a good idea, let’s go to Peter’s house!” said Emily.  Soon Emily and Evelyn went to the Peter’s house. Peter was their best friend. At the Peter’s House, Emily told her problem to Peter. After heard all of the Emily’s stories, Peter was shocked.
“Why you asked me about Goldrin War?” asked Peter
            “I just curious about the truth” said Emily.
 Then, Peter told about the Goldrin War. Peter said if ten years ago his mother was passed away on Goldrin War.
            “What! I’m so pity” said Evelyn.
            “No…..! That’s impossible” Emily was shouted.
            “Emily, what happen?” asked Peter.
`           “I must go back!” said Emily.
            Emily was panic. She went back home to met with her uncle. When her uncle was painting outside, Emily followed him.
            “Uncle, why my parents don’t come back from Goldrin War?” asked Emily
            “What! What do you mean?” asked Emily’s uncle.
            “Don’t be pretending to me! I already had a look to that memo! Actually, what happened to my parents?” asked Emily.
            “Emily….!”  Said Emily’s uncle. He looked so worried.
            “Uncle, I need the truth behind this!” said Emily.
            “Fine, if you forced me. When the Goldrin War happened, your parents gave me that short message to protect you. At that time, I was in the town with my wife and my son. I felt confused and I decided to follow your parents into war area. But, I’m too late, I saw with my eyes that your parents was died!” said Emily’s uncle.
            “Shut up your silly mouth! I can’t believe your words” said Emily. Emily was so angry and very sad. She ran to the river. She shouted that maybe I could escape from this fate.  She felt that the world had conquered her little body.
            Emily stayed overnight at the river. She watched the stars and the moon that accompany loneliness. In the morning, Peter woke Emily who was sleeping near the tree.
            “Why do you sleep in this place?” asked Peter.
            “I don’t know. When I was sad, this place was like calling me” said Emily.
            “Why were you sad?” asked Peter.
            “My uncle said if my parent was died on the Goldrin War. My uncle kept this from me.  I was so pissed at him” said Emily.
            “Emily, you should not be upset with your uncle. However, he was the one who care of you since you were child. Perhaps, he kept it a secret, so you will not be sad like this” said Peter.
            “Still, he has lied to me. Now, I was alone in the world” said Emily.
            “I was very sad to hear your speech. You are the happiest people in this world, because you have friends like me and Evelyn!” said Peter.
            “Peter…” said Emily. She looked sorry.
            “Emily, you should go home, your uncle was worried about you!” said Peter.
            Emily smiled at Peter. She decided to go home and apologize to her uncle.
            When Emily would like to extend an apology to her uncle, Emily’s uncle was not at home. Emily was panic. She ran out of the home and the surrounding villages throughout the region. Ranging from houses to the forest in the east, but her uncle didn’t look in anywhere. The sun began to sink in the west. She did not stop looking for her uncle. Until she took up a large cavern surround in fog. She entered into the cave with slow footsteps.  She glanced at the contents of the cave, but in the cave was very dark. Suddenly, she saw a pair of bright eyes.  She thought if she had seen a monster.  Emily ran out of the cave. She was so shocked and scared.
The night wore on, and Emily went back home. When she reached home, she saw smoke in the chimney. She hurried into the house. Emily was so happy, because finally she could see her uncle again.
            “Uncle, I’m back!” said Emily.
            “Emily, Are you okay? I was very worried about you.  Uncle only can apologize to you!” said Emily’s uncle.
            “No, I should apologize, I've been selfish, I'm sorry uncle!” said Emily.
            “Emily, you are the best niece I ever have, can I hug you?” asked Emily’s uncle.
            “With pleasure, my uncle!” said Emily.
            “Emily, the first snow has fallen, let's see together!” said Emily’s uncle
            “Okay!” said Emily.
            When they were enjoying the snow, Peter and Evelyn approached them.
            “Peter, Evelyn, let’s see snow together” said Emily.
            “Fine…!” Said Peter and Evelyn.
            “If my parents are here, maybe my life will be complete!” said Emily.
            “You can assume me as your father” said Emily’s uncle.
            “I guess I don’t need it. If you were my father, I would not be able to get love from an uncle like you” said Emily.
            “Wow, so sweet!” said Evelyn.
            “Tomorrow, we should celebrate the return of Emily with throw her a giant snowball!” said Peter.
            “Peter…” Emily was shouted.
They laughed happily. Togetherness happened between them made the cold of the snow turned into a warm. That night became a beautiful night for Emily. Emily felt her spirits burning again. Finally, Emily had a new dream.  Emily believed that she would be able to realize her dream.



            6 years later, Emily grew into a brave girl and liked to try something new.  Emily's relationship with Peter and Evelyn was getting close. When 16th birthday party of Emily, Emily's nephew came from the town. His name was Chucky. He was twelve years old. Chucky stayed with Emily in the village.
            One day, Emily and Chucky went to the library. Emily wanted to find a storybook for Chucky.  However, she accidentally found a black book without title. When she read the book, she saw person's travel notes, seventeen years ago. Suddenly, Chucky pulled her hand and asked if the story books have been found. Emily said that the book has been found, and Chucky could read the book, then she went away.
            Emily was shocked when she saw the chronology of the Goldrin War in that book. She reminded of her past. Emily read it seriously until she discovered something important. She decided to ask her uncle to find certainty. When she arrived at home, she saw that Peter was waiting in the living room. Emily asked Peter what he was doing here. Peter said that he wanted to take a sword.
            Not long later, Emily’s uncle arrived at home.
            “Peter, good you’re here, your sword had been repaired!” said Emily’s uncle.
            “Thanks sir!” said Peter.
            “Your welcome, by the way, where is Chucky?” asked Emily’s uncle.
            “Oops” said Emily.
            “Don’t tell me that you had left him!” said Emily’s uncle.
            “Uncle, I’m so sorry, I’ve left him at library!” said Emily.
            “Oh my God. Peter, can you help me to pick up Chucky from the library?” said Emily’s uncle.
            “Yes sir!” said Peter
            “Emily, how can you forget Chucky?” asked Emily’s uncle.
            “When I was in the library, I found something important behind the Goldrin War!” said Emily.
            “What is it?” asked Emily’s uncle.
            “Sword of sacrifice” said Emily.
            “Ha.....?” asked Emily’s uncle. He looked confused.
            “Actually, Fins group won this war because of the sacrifice of someone” said Emily.
            “Sacrifice of someone?” asked Emily’s uncle.
            “Yes, someone has to sacrifice his life by sticking the sword of sacrifice into his chest. Then, the sword of sacrifice kills all enemies with supernatural powers.  In other words, you’re to sacrifice one person to save many people” said Emily.
            “I don’t know much about it, because when the war happened, I was in the town” said Emily’s uncle.
            “I want to know a lot about the sword of sacrifice” said Emily.
            “I suggest, you'd better ask Peter’s father” said Emily’s uncle
            “Fine,” said Emily.
            Emily hurried went to the Peter’s house. When she met Peter’s father, Emily asked about the sword of sacrifice.  Peter's father thought for a moment. Emily asked him what he was thinking. Peter’s father said if he had a doubt to reply Emily’s questions. Emily tried to convince him. Peter’s father said, “Fine, I will say it”.
            “At the past, your father sacrificed himself by sticking the sword of sacrifice into his chest” said Peter’s father.
 “I can’t believe all of this!” said Emily
            “You should accept the fact, your father have done it for Finstow Village” said Peter’s father.
            “Then, how about my mother?” asked Emily.
            “Your mother was attacked by the leader of Nusty Guild! Said Peter’s father
            Do you know, where is the sword now?” asked Emily
            “I don’t know. Because, on the album, the place has been hiding by puzzle!” said Peter’s father.
            “Puzzle?” asked Emily.
            “Yes looks like this, If you follow your destiny, then the sun can’t shine” said Peter’s father
            “This all more interesting” said Emily        
            “Emily, now I'll go to the forest!” said Peter father.
            “Fine....! Said Emily
            When Peter's father wanted to go to the forest, Peter and Evelyn arrived at Peter's house
            “Guys, I want to say something” said Emily
            “What is it?” asked Peter.
            Emily told everything to them. Emily said if she wanted to find the sword of sacrifice. Peter and Evelyn were shocked. Evelyn said if she was not insane. Peter also denied her desire.
            “Guys, come on, you must help me to find that sword!” said Emily.
            “But, I don’t want to see you hurt” Said Peter.
            “Not only that, the sword was not very useful for us” said Evelyn.
            “It was my father's sword, I have to find it!” said Emily.
            “Emily, you must think about the safety of yourself!” said Peter.
            “If you don’t want to go with me, I'll go alone!” said Emily. Emily ran out to her house. She was very upset
            “Emily is really stubborn, she never releases her prey!” said Evelyn.
            “Anyway, I'm not sure if she could solve the puzzle!” said Peter.
            At Emily’s house, Emily tried to solve the puzzle. But, she didn’t succeeded and she felt frustrated. The next day, she got up early. When she wanted to go to living room, she heard someone shouting for help. When she was in front of her house, she saw a bunch of soldiers with complete armor and weapon. She was panic. She ran and hid in the bushes behind her house. She glanced around. Suddenly, someone shut her mouth. When she looked back, Emily was so relieved, because they were her uncle and Chucky.
            “Thank goodness you're safe, Emily!” said her uncle.
            “Actually, what happened?” asked Emily.
            “Goldrin War has returned!” said her uncle
“Why it could be happen?” asked Emily
            “I don’t know!” said her uncle..
            When Emily and her uncle spoke, Peter and Evelyn found them.
            “Emily.....!” said Evelyn
            “Peter, Evelyn, thankfully you can find us!” said Emily.
            “Instead, you should run into the town, you’ll be safe in there!” said Emily’s uncle.
            “How about you, uncle?” asked Emily.
            “I will try to fight!” you must be save!” said Emily’s uncle
            “Father, don’t go!” said Chucky
            “Hurry, you must go! Please protect Chucky to me!” said Emily’s uncle.
            “Fine... Uncle, we love you!” said Emily.
            “I love you too!” said Emily’s uncle.



Emily, Chucky and Emily’s friend were hurried to the town. They would pass the river before through the forest in the east. That morning, they felt afraid. On the way, they saw smoke from the village. They felt worried about their families. After a long journey, finally they arrived in a rushing river.
“Is the city still far away?” asked Chucky.
            “Yes, we must pass through this river!” said Emily.
            “But the river is very swift!” said Evelyn.
            “We must swim” said Peter
            “I can’t swim!” said Chucky.
            “No problem, you can hold my hand!” said Emily.
            When they tried to swim, suddenly a wolf wanted to attack them. They hurried to swim. When they reached the edge of the river, Emily was shocked because hand grip of Chucky was released. Emily went back to the river to find Chucky. Luckily the wolf didn’t catch them because the water of river was very cold.  Finally, Emily was succeeded save Chucky.
            “Thanks for save me!” said Chucky
            “Your welcome!” said Emily.
            “We must rest here!” said Peter.
            “But, the river is very dangerous!” said Evelyn.
            “Don’t worry, I will be awake all night. Luckily, I brought this sword” said Peter.
            That night, they took a break near the river. However, Emily and Evelyn decided to stay with Peter.
            “Hey, what happened?” asked Peter
            “Ah, we just wanted to stay with you!” said Evelyn.
            “Thanks guys, you are my best friend!” said Peter
            “But, what are you worried about?” asked Emily.
            “I'm worried about Finstow Village. I wish I could destroy Nusty Guild” said Peter.
            “Me too!” said Evelyn.
            “Guys, I think we already have reason to find the sword of sacrifice!” said Emily.
            “Emily ... you are right, maybe only with the sword of sacrifice, the war will end forever!” said Peter.
            “Have you already found an answer of the puzzle?” said Evelyn
            “Not yet, it’s very difficult!” said Emily.
            “Can you repeat that puzzle?” asked Peter
            “Of course, the puzzle is if you follow your destiny, then the sun can’t shine!”
            “The sun can’t shine at night. Then, what is relationship with destiny?” asked Evelyn.
            “Maybe, the place is very dark!” said Peter.
            “Destiny is flowing like a river!” said Evelyn.
            “Peter, Evelyn, you are right, when I was child, I found a big cave in the downstream of river. If we follow the flow of the river, then we will find it!” said Emily.
            “Emily, you are genius, the place in the puzzle is a cave!” said Evelyn
            “Finstow Village has many rivers. All of it flowing to same downstream!” said Peter.
            “Okay, we must saving the Finstow Village!” said Emily.

            The Next day, Emily, Chucky and Evelyn followed Peter in the side of the river. They helped Peter to make a raft. After that, they all went to the downstream of the river with raft. On the way, they saw ice blocks. Their position was so difficult, because the ice blocks hinder their journey. Suddenly, a wolf chased them from the riverbank. The wolf wanted to jump into the raft.
            “Peter, what should we do?” asked Emily.
            “Guys, quickly hide behind my body!” said Peter.
            “Peter you’re so crazy, we will die!” said Evelyn.
            “Don’t talk much!” said Peter.
            Wolf jumped into the raft. With lightning speed, Peter directed the tip of his sword in the head of wolf. Finally, the wolf was died and fell to bottom of the river. After few hours, they arrived in the downstream of river. Near the downstream, there was a frozen lake. Side of the lake, there was a large cave covered with snow.
            “This was a very beautiful place, last time I came here, I just saw fog!” said Emily
            “Okay, let’s go to the cave!” said Evelyn.
            “There was a monster in this cave, we must be careful!” said Emily
            “Quick turn on the torch!” said Peter.
            Then, they entered into the cave with the slow footsteps. Along the way they haven’t found a hurdle.
            “Peter, I’m tired!” said Chucky.
            “Let me carrying you!” said Peter
            “Thanks....!” said Chucky.
            Suddenly, Evelyn screamed hysterically. Emily asked her what happened. Evelyn said to follow her. When Emily followed her, Emily was shocked. She saw giant footprints. She thought it was a monster.  Emily conjecture was true, ground began to tremble. They were panic.
            “Peter, what should we do?” asked Emily.
            “No idea!” said Peter.
            “Monster’s shadow came closer!” said Evelyn.
            “Chucky, you must take refuge in a safe place!” said Peter.
            “Peter, be careful!” said Emily.
            Peter was approached the shadow. When he saw his feet, he was shocked because the monster was a Yeti. His body was covered with white fur. Yeti was attacking him. Peter tried to fight, but the swing arm of Yeti made Peter limp. Then, Yeti threw a big stone to Peter, Peter who thought if he dodged it, it would attack Emily and the others. Then he tried to cut down that giant stone, but too difficult. Finally, Peter’s leg was pinned down by stone and made his leg broke.  His sword was regardless from his grip.
            “Peter…!” said Emily.
            “Emily, you must run with Chucky and Evelyn!” said Peter
            “No.......!” shouted Emily. She followed the monster.
            “Hey you....! Why did you do all this?” asked Emily
            Not unpredictable, the monster was understood. He also replied Emily’s words.
            “Why should I let you go?” said Yeti.
            “Because, I was Emily. Living without parental love, without wealth and have a big dream to conquer the world” said Emily
            “Why did you want to conquer the world?” asked Yeti
            “Because, I want to find the heaven. I don’t want this world to conquer myself. I don’t want to follow the destiny, but I want to decide my destiny” said Emily.
            “Find the heaven?” asked Yeti.
            “Yes, I want to find heaven, so I could see my parents. I really miss them” said Emily.
            “You must now, this world is very cruel. Who is strong, they will survive. Even though you're a woman, you have a strong heart and soul. You can create your own world. I impressed to you.
“Do you know there is only one person named Emily in this village?” I guess I've found my granddaughter. It would be you, Emily” said Yeti.
            “What did you say? Granddaughter?” asked Emily
            “Yes, I was you grandfather! I know you wanted to find the sword of sacrifice!” said Yeti.
            “I still don’t understand!” said Emily
            “At past, when your father was a teenager, I made twin swords which have supernatural power. First sword I gave to my foster son and second sword I gave to your father. But, my foster son betrayed me.  He changed me into a monster with this sword!”
            “I have two uncles?” asked Emily.
            “Yes, you are right. My foster son was the leader of Nusty Guild, he could escape from the Goldrin War!” said Emily’s grandpa
            “Why it could be happen? Instead, the sword that will kill all enemies, if someone has been sacrificed!” said Emily.
            “Because, he also had a sword of sacrifice. So, the supernatural power of sacrificed sword was no effect for him” said Emily’s grandpa
            “He was very devious. I can’t forgive him. He had killed my parents. Did you know, why did he do this to me?” asked Emily
            “No idea” said Emily’s grandpa.
            “How can we defeat him?” asked Emily.
            “The sword of sacrifice has a hidden power, you will know its power, if your friend always be by your side.  So, can we stop this talk? I must heal your friend” asked Emily’s grandpa
            “Of course!” said Emily.

            After Peter recovered, they went to the end of the cave. There, Emily’s grandpa gave a gift to her. Emily got the sword of sacrifice which formerly used by her father.
            “Emily, you must not give up, before you reach your dream” said Emily’s grandpa.
            “I will remember those words, Thanks grandpa” said Emily


After Emily got a gift from Emily’s grandpa, they ready to go to Finstow Village with new spirit. When they arrived in village, they saw the villagers of Finstow Village still fight with Nusty Guild. They glanced from building to see the situation around. Suddenly, Chucky saw pair of sacrifice sword. Emily wanted to see it more closely. When Emily approached to the war area, Emily was happily because she was found the pair of sacrifice sword. She saw that the man who brought the sword of sacrifice. She thought if he was the killer of her parents.  His body was big and tall. His face was creepy.  After Emily saw him, she back to her friend.
            “Guys, we must make a plan to defeat him!” said Emily.
            “I don’t have idea!” said Peter.
            “We must find the secret power of sacrifice sword, impossible we use that sword without supernatural power” said Emily
            “I suggest, we follow his movements!” said Evelyn
            “Fine”, said Peter.
            After a time, that man left the village. They followed him from behind. Not a long time, they arrived in the small house near the forest. Then, that man entered to it house, they spied him from windows. But, suddenly, someone directed his sword to their necks. They were panic and scared. They dragged into that house.
            “Hey, what are they doing here?” asked the leader of Nusty Guild.
            They didn’t dare to speak. They were scared. When that man was wanted to attack them, Emily replied his question.
            “I want to kill you...!” shouted Emily.
            “Ha ha, you are very funny,” said him.
            “I'm not kidding. Look, I was carrying a sword of sacrifice” said Emily.

            “How can you have that sword?” asked him.
            “You don’t need to know” said Emily.
            “Who are you?” asked him.
            “I was Emily, a poor girl who lost her parents because of you!” said Emily.
            “Wow, my prey comes by herself” said him.
            “What did you mean?” asked Emily.
            “For many years, I was excluded by my father. Because, I just a foster son for him. It’s so hurt for me. One day, I wanted make they miserable to pay my life. One by one, I was killing them include my youngest brother! And the next is you, Emily!”
            “What did you do of my uncle?” asked Emily.
            “Calm down, you still have an uncle like me” said him.
            “No, you aren’t my uncle! You are a monster who wanted to conquer the world with cunning way. You don’t know if my life is harder than you” said Emily.
            “You are so annoying! It is time for you to end your life, and then my revenge has been avenged” said him.
            The man was getting ready to draw his sword. When that sword was directed to her body, Chucky able to escape from guards, and he tried to protect Emily from that sword. Then, the body of Chucky affected of that sword. Emily was shocked and mad. She tried to escape from the guards. Luckily, she could escape from the guards. She took the cloth in her bag and closed the wound of Chucky. Peter and Evelyn also tried to escape from them. But, they couldn’t do it.
            “You are really a coward! If you want to kill my friend, you must defeat me first” shouted Peter.
            “Wow, little hero has come, haha” he laughed.
            “I'm serious, I challenge you to fight one by one!” said Peter.
            “Okay, I accept your challenge. But, if you lose, I'll kill all your friends, and Finstow village will belong to me” said him.
            “Fine.  But I want you to stop the war in Finstow Village” said Peter.
            “No problem, I’ll wait for you tomorrow at noon, don’t be late!” said him
            After agreeing the deal with the leader of Nusty Guild, they hurried went to the village to save Chucky. Emily was worried about Chucky. When they arrived at the village, the village was quiet. Many villagers were died and lying on the ground. They went to Emily’s house. But, her uncle was not in there.
            “Evelyn, Take Chucky into his room, he must be save!” said Peter.
            “Uncle is not here, could he really dead? I don’t believe with all of these” asked Emily.
            “No idea” said Peter
            “Emily ... come here!” shouted Evelyn.
            “What happened?” Asked Emily.
            “Look this message!” said Evelyn.

            Emily, when you read this letter, it means my duty to care of you have finished. I want to see you again in heaven with your parents. So, you have to find your heaven. Because I know, it’s your dream. Your life goes on. And the road to heaven is so far. Believe me, when you're always in the side of your friend, you'll be closer to heaven. We'll be waiting. You can do it. Because, you are Emily.

            When Emily read that letter, she was sad. She was unable to holding her crying.
            “Guys, if I die tomorrow, could I find heaven?” asked Emily.
            “Emily, don’t say like that!” said Evelyn.
            “Emily, heaven is far. Our lives are still long. If you give up now, you could not find it. Believe me, we can defeat him!”
            “Peter...!” said Emily. She hugged Peter.
            “Emily, I would see the state of the village. You wait for me here” said Peter.
            “Okay, be careful!” said Emily.
            “Hmm Evelyn, how about Chucky? Is he getting better?” asked Emily.
            “I think so” said Evelyn.
            “16 years was so fast. We pass so much sadness and pleasure” said Emily.
            “You are right, do you remember the way, when we were child, we always smile and laughed together” said Evelyn.
            “Yeah..., Evelyn, what kind of world you want?” asked Emily.
            “I want a world which is always smiling at me” said Evelyn.
            “It’s so nice” said Emily.
            “Emily, I want to ask you something” said Evelyn.
            “Let’s just say!” said Emily
            “Do you like Peter?” asked Evelyn.
            “What...!” said Emily. She was shocked.
            “I want to know, did I startle you? I guess I was wrong to ask!” said Evelyn.
            “I don’t know, sometimes, I feel comfortable if he was beside me. Sometimes, I feel he looks like a brother for me. And sometimes, he become a good friend to me” said Emily.
            “Oh...” said Evelyn.
            “Forget about Peter, we must rest!” said Emily.
            “Okay...!” said Evelyn.

            At the morning, Peter was practicing in front of Emily’s house. Suddenly, the quiet village changed instantly. Villagers of Finstow Village who disappeared have returned. Peter was so happy because he met his father.
            “Father...!” shouted Peter.
            “Peter...!” Shouted Peter’s father.
            “Are you okay?” asked Peter.
            “Yes, I’m okay! I was locked by that guild in the dungeon. I believe you can defeat the leader of Nusty Guild” said Peter’s father.
            “Thanks Father...!” said Peter.
            At noon, the villagers of Finstow Village began to pack the location of battle.
The leader of Nusty Guild already came to location of battle. Peter was ready to the location of battle. When the battle was started, Emily and Evelyn went to the location of battle. They looked the pair of sacrifice sword on the bag near the guards.  Emily wanted to take that sword. Secretly, they took a pair of swords of sacrifice.
            “Emily, why did you take that sword?” said Evelyn
            “Just in case, if there something happened” said Emily

            After Emily took that sword, they saw the battle. The fight was
very stressful. The villagers cheered to encourage Peter. Finally, Peter looked like a critical condition.
            “Peter...!” Shouted Emily. Then, Emily and Evelyn followed Peter into battle area.
            “Are you've given up?” asked the leader of Nusty Guild.
            “We will not give up!” said Evelyn.
            “Emily...!” shouted Peter.
            “Guys, I think it's time. With this sword, you will be safe!” said Emily.
            “No… you mustn’t sacrifice yourself, Emily!” said Evelyn

            When, Emily wanted to sacrifice herself, Peter ran towards Emily and held her hand. Evelyn also held Emily’s hand. Suddenly, the sword of sacrifice was shining and issued a bright light. Strong light made their vision was blurry. But, Emily saw something that the brightest of the bright. She saw a man carrying a small sword and riding a horse. That man killed all of enemies include the leader of Nusty guild. After he defeated the leader of Nusty Guild, he smiled to Emily.  Not for long time, that man disappeared and the light growing dim. And, the sword of sacrifice was broken into small pieces.
            “Emily, Look! All enemies have been killed!” said Evelyn.
            “Emily, why are you silent?” asked Peter
            “Guys, did you see that man?” asked Emily.
            “What did you say? The light was so bright, I could not see anything”
 Said Evelyn.
            “I’m serious!” said Emily.
            “Forget it... now, war is end forever!” said Evelyn
            “Yeah, I’m so happy!” said Emily. She hugged Evelyn and Peter.
            “But, please take me home!” said Peter
            “O ow, I forgot it, let’s take Peter’s home!” said Emily.

Finally, the war in the Finstow Village was ended forever. The villagers of Finstow Village celebrated it with the big party. Three days later, Emily’s grandpa met Emily. Now, He was no longer a monster.
“Emily, I’m back! I’m your grandfather!” said Emily’s grandpa.
“Grandpa...!” said Emily. She was so happy.
“Thanks for saving me!” said her grandfather
“I’m also thankful to you!” said Emily.
“Now, you know the secret power of sacrifice sword was power of love with your friend!” said her grandfather
“Yes, I did not expect power of that sword! But, I saw someone when that sword was shining” said Emily.
“Who do you think he was?” asked her grandfather.
“I think he was my father!” said Emily.
“If you say so, maybe yes!” said her grandfather
“I really miss them!” said Emily
“You should continue your dream. And always be beside your friend!” said her grandfather
“You are right, my life still continues! Wait for me, Father, Mother, and uncle!” said Emily.
            Finally, they lived happily.  Their life was still continues.  Journey to the heaven was so far.  They believed that they could find the heaven together.

***THE END***
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